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Washing line eyesore

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A builder purchased the lane to the side of our house and built a whopping house house on it. Prior to the builder building the monstrosity we appealed against the planning due to our light being blocked by the house. 
Sadly the planning was approved, and now STILL 3 years later the builder has had a vendetta towards us ever since. 

Now the house is built he’s moved his Mum into it, and you can see where he gets it from!

She has erected what seems like a 15ft washing line and hangs hi vis vest and bedsheets on it for days and days. 
It’s an absolute eyeshore and obvious way of trying to intimidate use. They are bullies and seem to derive pleasure from it.

Is there anything we can do to stop this ? As it really does feel like harassment and is so close to our fence. The washing line looks awful and blocks light out of our garden.



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I know this isn’t the answer you want to here (and just an opinion) But you shouldn’t let it bother you or intimidate you, as that is clearly your neighbours goal here.

If he/she is doing this to get a raise out of you them just simply not let it. They will soon grow tired of this as it must look bad from their side of the fence.

Sadly, as far as I am aware there is nothing you legally do about the height of the neighbours washing line. But you can look at ways to block it out with screening and planting?

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I know what I'd do!

Fire up the hose an water my fence 😎