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To be furious with neighbour

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Myself and the wife have just come back from a week away and our neighbour has gone and replaced the fence and moved the boundary fence inwards and stolen a strip of our garden. 😡 

I obviously went straight round to tell him to reinstate the boundary to what it was prior to our vacation. He said that is how it was originally and he followed the line precisely. I’ve told him I’ll see him in court and things did not end amicably between us.

Does anyone know what my options are as I do not have any photos of the original fence line?

We've been here for 5 years and him approx 11 years.

The thief has stolen my garden by 2ft x 20! What’s to stop the neighbour doing this every time we are away? 🤬 

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Our advice always for the first step is to communicate the issue with your neighbour.

Do you have any photographic evidence of the original boundary, old photos of the garden?

Also do you have your site plan from your deeds handy to take to your neighbour as evidence they have encroached on your land?

If you find you are not getting the response you want, I would advise getting expert help from a solicitor that deals with residential property disputes.

Documenting evidence will support your case and make it easier to win. So, I advise document everything and find as much supporting evidence that it is your land.