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Neighbours Hedge breaking my fence

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My neighbors Tree and hedges are planted so close to the boundary, that they the tree/hedge leans against my fence (I own the boundary fence).

The fence is starting to buckle and bow towards my garden and looks unsightly.

I've not really had much to do with the neighbors and haven't approached them yet as they are quite new. I'm not sure on the rules regarding hedge cutting, when it's not my plant but invading my property/ Destroying it.

The hedge itself, gives privacy to both gardens. I think it is leylandii and planted many years before they move in. I want to trim it but I'm concerned the neighbor will just say "No" and it becomes a hostile issue between us.

Any advice on this would be helpful,


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The first thing I would do is communicate with your new neighbour, in a friendly and approachable way.

Perhaps invite them around to look at the damage or take photos. You can explain that you enjoy the privacy the trees give you both but it’s ultimately going to break your fence if not maintained.

You can legally cut the branches off that come within your boundary. However this may not resolve the fence being bowed by your neighbors tree from their side. If they do not want to be good neighbors or being a bit sticky with it, a good compromise would be to offer to pay half for a tree surgeon. Leylanddii can look very bare and a mess if not cut back correctly. The fact it’s behind a fence, means it will not be visible anyway.

Just remember to keep neighbor relations good and open, but do not allow them to ignore the issue as ultimately it will cost you a new fence. Having a good relationship will allow you to remind them about the fence when you see them to get the issue rectified.

Let us know what happens, and good luck 😊