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Neighbors CCTV invading my privacy

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My neighbors have recently invested in 360 cctv after a spate of break in recently in the area.

I'm not against cctv but the issue is that they have 360 dome camera which looks awful (Makes it look like we are in a prison)
The cameras are placed high up on the front and back of the property.

So I not only have all my garden visible to them but they can look into my windows with their cctv!
Its given me anxiety since they have gone up as I feel I cannot relax in my own home.

I have spoken to them with my concerns but they say they have blocked my property out. How do I know this? They could just unblock
when ever they want! I'm not sure how to handle it as they have been very dismissive of my concerns already.


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Hi, I am sorry you feel like your privacy is being invaded with your neighbours cameras.

You have started by doing the correct thing and letting them know your concerns.
As your neighbor is filming from a domestic property outside their boundaries i.e into your garden, you have the right to make a subject access request.
This means you can ask for a copy of the information/footage were you are identifiable. Your neighbour has to produce this for you within a month. If this is in convenient you can ask them to delete all footage of you. This may help you feel more secure that they have blanked out your property if you did not feel their previous response was adequate.

Is the property rented or do your neighbors own it? As you could perhaps contact their landlord if you are not satisfied?



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Can you call the police if they are looking into your windows with the cctv? That really is peeling Tom activity ! I’d be furious if I had kids and my neighbour did that.